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Mar Star Entertainment benefit Update


S.O.S. Oklahoma Red Carpet Benefit.

To be held on: TBD

This benefit is being held to raise funds for our neighbors in Oklahoma USA.
The fine folks of Moore Oklahoma have had their homes and lives devastated by a massive EF5 tornado. Oklahoma is a State right in the heart of tornado alley and they see many tornados every year. We have decided to help them by donating a large portion of these proceeds to build storm shelters. These shelters will save many lives during future storms.

Come on out to our concert benefit and show your love and support!


Come out and join us for a great time, hope to see you there!

More details to come, stay tuned.

Regular tickets:

VIP Tickets: 
Please Note:
Mar Star Entertainment and it’s associates are not responsible for lost or stole items. We are not responsible for individuals actions whom consume alcohol. You are your own worst enemy!!!
Please drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive!!!! :)

Have a wonderful time!

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