About Marianna

About Marianna

Marianna Lvovskaja born April 19, 1985 in Sillamae, Estonia. Marianna came to Canada with her family in 93′ for a fresh start. Her family came here with only $200 in their pockets. So at the age of 9, Marianna already knew that if  she wanted toys, candy, or a skateboard, she had to find work. Being only 9, there weren’t many options, so she decided to volunteer to pack grocery bags for customers at the IGA, located downstairs of the building her and her family lived in. Marianna had successfully made $100-$200 for half days work in tips which she used to take care of herself and help her mom. Cooking since age 7, working since age 9, Marianna already knew then that if she wanted to get something, that she would have to go get it herself.

Since age 9 she has been Volunteering, from a Food Bank to volunteering for various Fundraising Benefits. She had always loved helping people. At the age of 19, she had pursued a career in Computer Programming, developing mainframes for Banks and Insurance Companies. Although this was something she had excelled in,  Marianna was always pulled to the Arts/ Music Industry. She took that as a “calling” and since then had worked in various areas of the entertainment industry, starting from Modeling, to Acting, to Public Speaking, Sound/Lighting Engineering at a Rehearsal Studio and Managing/Promoting Bands.

As Marianna Lvovskaja grew in the entertainment industry, she learned more about what she truly is passionate about, Marianna realized that her life’s passion and  mission lies in helping people who are need throughout the world.

Her goal is to put on Concert Benefits for different countries around the world for those in need, to help bring safety, better health care, job opportunities and educational experience.

“As the Founder/Owner of Mar Star Entertainment, my goal is to build an Entertainment Company, that focuses on Managing Bands, Putting on Concerts, Fashion Shows, and working with Charity Organizations to help raise money for those in need around the world. I don’t want kids to have to work at the age of 9, like I did, or have to experience poverty, sleep on garbage or live in a shelter like my family had to do when we first came to Canada.  I think that once people have more opportunities for themselves and their families, that there will be less anger and destruction amongst our societies and in our world. Its all about not having enough, greed, poverty, illnesses, death, which makes people crazy. I know its pretty ambitious, but I am going to help change all that! I am going to be part of the solution for people, rather than a roadblock.” -Marianna Lvovskaja  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mar-Star- … 1296272723

My main focus is running my entertainment company, Mar Star Entertainment.  http://www.facebook.com/xoxoML


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