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Welcome, we are pleased that you are taking a moment to view our website. Mar Star Entertainment is a small company with a big heart. Mar Star Entertainment is an Entertainment Company that focuses on Managing Bands, Putting on Concerts and fabulous Fashion Shows, we work in Film, are a Casting Agency, work with Charity Organizations (and on our own), to raise money for those in need around the World. Mar Star Entertainment is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have a growing list of friends, business professionals and contacts in the entertainment industry. This is helping us as we evolve and grow as ... [Readmore]

Moore Fire Department

Published on Jul 19, 2013 MsMarStar and her Team went down to the Moore Fire Department to get some Interviews with the EF5 Tornado's First Responders! But little did she know, Major Training Officer Mark put her through a Recruit Test! Get the Fireman Gear on in 1min!!!! Although she thought she could pull it off in 30secs, which is when M said that if she does, he will buy her and her team an ice cream! And you all know how much MsMarStar loves her ice cream! Will she make it?! Watch now to find out!..... [Readmore]

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